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An Elephant-Sized Farewell

I was promised that there would be fifty-one elephants at the Keralan Festival near Kollam on Friday. When I arrived I was too overwhelmed by all of the gold-bedecked pachyderms, the banging drums, clashing cymbals, dancing men and smiling faces … Continue reading

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Feel Embraced

At least ten other passengers – mostly foreigners and a few Indians – were already crossing the bridge to Amma a.k.a “The Hugging Mother’s” ashram, when I stepped off the Backwater ferry. I shouldered my backpack and followed them toward … Continue reading

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I have been waiting to comment on Kerala until I’d been here at least a week – the minimum in my experience to get a feel for a place. People told me before I came to India that I would … Continue reading

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Oh, Sweatered Goats of Varanasi

A team of internet marketing consultants in Bangalore, using sophisticated, proprietary analytic software, has confirmed that the single overwhelming force driving traffic to my blog – indeed, the main trend powering all commerce and entertainment on the interweb today – … Continue reading

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The Neelachal Not-So-Express

I think the Ganga Benjamin-ji Express has delivered relatively well on the Ganga and the Benjamin-ji, but I haven’t said anything yet about an actual train. I’ve taken three train journeys in India so far: the Dehradun Shtbdi Express from … Continue reading

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The Way of the Bodhisattva: Working Calmly for the Happiness of Others

I hesitate to comment on the Dalai Lama’s teaching this week in Sarnath. I was under the impression that supreme enlightenment would be granted to me as part of the price of admission and was bitterly disappointed to find that … Continue reading

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Sweet, Sweatered Momma Goat

You couldn’t get enough of my well clad goat mistresses last week so here is another installment, featuring the latest in goat maternity wear. I think I know what to get this hungry mother-of-two for Valentine’s Day. You weren’t expecting … Continue reading

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