Sexy Satyresses of the Ganga

It is suddenly winter in Varanasi.  Freezing temperatures descended on the city last night and it has remained Himalayan throughout the day.  I don’t think the mercury is actually that low, but with fog hanging over the river and no heating in the damp stone dwellings, it feels frigid.  I am wearing pretty much every piece of clothing I have with me, including long johns and wooly socks sent all the way from America. (Thanks, Mom!)

Even the goats are getting bundled up.  Of course, as on the streets of London and New York, the cold weather here is mostly an excuse for Varanasi’s Nan-jis and Billy Babus to show-off the latest in winter fashion whether it actually keeps them warm or not.

You’ll notice saucy Apsara strutting her little hooves in a skimpy yellow frock, while Charmaine prances down the goat walk in retro-collared khaki.  Princess Radha, the bustiest one-horned goat this side of Bollywood, shows some udder in a revealing black knit.

I can’t wait for swimsuit season.

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4 Responses to Sexy Satyresses of the Ganga

  1. jane lahr says:

    You need to get these to the managing editor at Sports Illustrated immediately for their bathing suit issue!


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