Shooting from the Hip

I’ve been taking a lot of photographs here in Rishikesh, inspired in part by my new friend Azli Jamil. Azli, a photographer from Malaysia, takes beautiful pictures with his Nikon D300.

We met for the first time on the street a few days ago and Azli immediately grabbed my camera (a Nikon D200) to check my settings. He did not approve so he proceeded to give me his Top Eight Shooting Tips for Digital Cameras.™

Azli says he takes a lot of photos from his hip in situations where the camera might otherwise be distracting. Azli’s tips for shooting from the hip: aperture priority mode, f/2.8, full frame auto-focus, and shoot wide.

I shot this one of Azli from my hip a few minutes later. I showed it to him the next day and he conceded that I am a fast learner.

I’m playing with depth of field a lot this week and, of course, working on my timing. Here are a few more of my recent photographs from around Rishikesh.

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2 Responses to Shooting from the Hip

  1. catherine says:

    The Azli picture is fantastic!

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